Speakers of Convention myanmar’s ongoing genocide 2018 rejected Dr Wakker Uddin’s Statement

ICC is the only solution for those perpetrators be brought to justice so that the history of genocide of all ethnic minorities including Rohingya will never repeat again. Here is Dr Waker Uddin interview translation details who cannot understand Burmese language. Credit to Dr Haikal Mansor This is my translation of his part of statement. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR what he said. VOA: ICC states that it has jurisdiction to investigate over the forceful expulsion of Rohingya. Since Myanmar is not a signatory to the Rome Statute, what do you think of the ICC fully process in investigating the situation? WAKAR UDDIN: ICC will proceed with the international law. It has its own experts. International expert must decide whether they proceed with its procedure and if not what way it be. In order not to reach that point [of ICC referral], isn’t it good they cooperate with the government of Myanmar to solve the problem? Although ICC International Expert and International lawyers [say about the prosecution at ICC], we Rohingya can solve this problem by being provided with their human rights and the status of nationality, even without reaching to it [ICC Court]. VOA: What do you think about the call for the investigation and prosecution of General Min Aung Hlaing and other generals under the international law for committing gravest crimes, described in the report of UN Fact Finding Mission? WAKAR UDDIN: Who is responsible for Crime Against Humanity? Where did the command came from – top, from the state, from the local district level? It is good to investigate according to norms. After investigating the evidence, it should state what steps should be taken. Therefore, the best way I think is to prevent reaching to that point [of ICC referral] and to quickly solve the situation. It is good for Tatmadaw [Myanmar Military]. It is good for Myanmar. It is good for the democratic government [of Myanmar]. It is good for NLD [National League for Democracy]. VOA: Do Rohingya not agree to prosecute Myanmar chain of command at ICC, do they? What do you think? WAKAR UDDIN: It’s different [in opinions]. Some Rohingya say it should continue. As I understand, the majority [of Rohingya] think that it is not good to reach to that point [of ICC Prosecution]. They want to return to their country and to their land. As far as I have talked to them, they want to go. There is no need of anything if they get their human rights, the status of nationality and the security to live. The government of Myanmar should thoroughly investigate and quickly find the answer. For Contact : Email : info@arakanpressnetwork24 arakanpressnetwork24@gmail.com

Convention on Myanmar’s Ongoing Genocide 2018

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Source : Burmese American Muslims Association Facebook Page

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton speaks at Myanmar Muslims Genocide Awareness Convention 2015

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton speaks at Myanmar Muslims Genocide Awareness Convention 2015

Dr. Gregory H. Stanton speaks at Myanmar Muslims Genocide Awareness Convention 2015
ျမန္မာ အစိုးရရဲ႔ Genocide က်ဴ းလြန္မႈ အဆင့္မ်ား
Genocide က်ဴ းလြန္ခဲ့ေသာ ႏိုင္ငံႏွင့္ အဖြဲ႔အစည္းေပါင္း ၁၇ ခု အား ခံုရံုးေပၚကို တင္ေပးခဲ့တဲ့ Genocide Watch ဥကၠဌႀကီး ေဒါက္တာ ဂရီဂိုရီ စတင္တန္က- ျမန္မာအစိုးရ က်ဴ းလြန္ခဲ့တဲ့ Genocide အဆင့္အားလံုးကို ထုတ္ေဖၚေၾကျငာသြားပါတယ္။
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